Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Dr. Lubna Somjee is an executive coach and works to maximize professional, or leadership, growth for those at varying stages of their careers, or business.  Dr Somjee has dedicated herself to careful study of inspired leadership.  Clients works to maximize their professional or leadership by leveraging insights regarding leadership psyche, organizational life, business, change management, and human behavior and motivation.

Utilizing a solution focused coaching process, Dr. Somjee helps clients shift to best practices and learn vital skills and behaviors to successfully navigate dynamic workplace realities, strengthen competencies and effectiveness, lead confidently, strengthen organizational capacity, and find fulfillment around career, and manage work/life integration.

Dr. Somjee develops highly individualized ‘Blueprints’ for each client to facilitate insights, inspire change, and action.  Blueprints are based on a thorough assessment of each client, goals, and contextual factors.  Metrics are built in to gauge the success of coaching.

Executive coaching can often be done via phone, video conferencing, or in-person meetings depending on location of the client and schedules. This service also includes e-mail support in between.

Typical client objectives can include:

  • Develop skills or leverage strengths to succeed in a current or new position
  • Desire to advance ones career or change careers
  • Developing best practice skills when starting a new business
  • Define skills to help businesses or departments thrive and be sustainable
  • Engage employees
  • Manage a challenge, meet a goal or prepare for a new opportunity
  • Manage the impact of industry or regulatory changes
  • Strategic planning or change management
  • Refining communication skills or managing conflict
  • Deal with negative impact of work on personal life
  • Finding purpose and meaning in work

Please note Executive Coaching services are not the same as psychotherapy services, and are not covered by insurance.

If you are interested in Executive Coaching services, or have questions, please fill out the form below. Or feel free to call 845-380-2945.

*** Please note if you are interested in psychotherapy, or are a current patient, do not fill out this form. Such queries will not be responded to. Instead please call the office at the number above to speak with Dr. Somjee. Thank you!

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